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Collections Preservation

Art and artifacts are the physical embodiment of the hopes, dreams, joys, fears, grief, and aspirations of the human community. These artifacts tell us about our similarities and differences… where we have come from… where we are going… and how we change and shape our world. Art and artifacts have the power to teach, inspire, enlighten, and evoke emotion. Without their protection and preservation, we will lose our inheritance and deny our children and all who follow glimpses into our collective past and the delight which can come from experiencing creative human expression. 

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WJ&A is a woman-owned small business that provides preventive conservation, collections management consulting, and planning services to museums and other stewards of cultural heritage.

WJ&A is committed to meeting the stewardship needs of our clients and their collections through sustainable and attainable means. Our recommendations are tailored to the resources and organizational capacity of each client. We find that this results in realistic and successful conservation and preservation solutions for the immediate and long-term future.

WJA Measuring Collections.png

WJ&A measuring collections volumetric data at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 2019 

COVID-19 Precautions and Awareness

Over the past two years the WJ&A team has continued to monitor and assess the global pandemic and ongoing variant impacts both locally and nationally. The safety and well-being of both our staff and clients is a priority for the firm. We have been able to adapt and reimagine the variety of opportunities and project necessities given institutional, state, and national recommendations for safety and wellness. 

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