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For more than three decades WJ&A has worked collaboratively and innovatively with a variety of institutions and individuals to ensure that the quality of care for their collections is an integrated part of the overall institutional practices and mission. The associates are committed to collecting meaningful and vast amounts of information that appropriately inform assessments and studies. Over the years, projects have included developing preventive conservation policies, collections management programs, environmental monitoring and improvement programs, collections storage improvements and planning, collections relocation and storage plans, and long-range conservation plans for museums, archives, historical societies, and other stewards of cultural property.

Wendy Jessup and Associates, Inc. offers the following services:

  • General Conservation Assessments and Collections Management Plans for museums and historical societies focused on meeting industry and community standards for collections care.

  • Long-Range Conservation Plans for clients desiring to develop systematic conservation upgrades and coordinate preservation and protection of their collections with their overall strategic organizational goals. 
  • Storage Planning to ensure that the spatial and conservation needs of the collections will be met.

  • Environmental Assessment of one or more environmental conditions (i.e., temperature and relative humidity; light; pests) to which collections may be exposed.

  • Environmental Monitoring for institutions lacking the resources to conduct these programs in-house.

  • Conservation Advocacy in facility planning and construction projects to ensure that collections conservation and preservation needs are met during renovation and new construction.

  • Logistics Planning and Management for collections relocations during museum construction and renovation projects, or for collections transfers and disposal.

  • General Collections Care Training for collectors, curators, registrars, technicians, and other museum staff facilitated through hands-on single or multiday workshops.

  • Training in a Specific Agent of Deterioration for all professionals charged with care of collections.

  • Preventive Conservation Training for emerging conservation professionals, mid-level and senior conservators, and museum decision-makers.

  • Contract Collections Management and Registration Services defined collaboratively by the client representatives and firm associates.

  • Condition Reporting, Cataloguing, and Inventorying of collections for collections management and care.

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