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Featured Projects

In 2020, WJ&A completed a Collections Storage Needs Assessment for the VMFA funded by the Institute for Museums and Library Services (IMLS). This past summer the VMFA announced their selection of the Smith Group as the firm hired for the designing and construction of their new expansion. An important step in understanding the capacity needs and expansion opportunities related to collections storage and exhibition requires a critical and detailed review of current collection storage needs. More about the new construction project here.

St. Olaf College engaged WJ&A to provide recommendations on storage equipment for the Flaten Art Museum collection. Prior to the renovation project, the Museum could not accommodate the collections. With guidance and recommendations from WJA&, the Museum was able to accommodate their collection while also expanding space for conducting classes and seminars adjacent to collections storage.

In 2018 the Valentine Museum engaged WJ&A to complete a volumetric analysis for their collections storage space needs. The initial assessment concluded that the museum would need to invest a significant amount into increasing their square footage in storage to accommodate their collection and growth safety and appropriately. The Valentine Museum took these numbers and reimagined the scope of their collection and institutional vision for Richmond ultimately leading to an evaluation of their collections for storytelling. Read more about their work on collections deaccessioning here.

October 8, 2020 the National Women’s Party announced the gifting of their historic collections to the Library of Congress and National Park Service on the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment. In preparation for the transfer of collections to two federal entities, WJ&A was hired to support the collections preparation. WJ&A worked closely with the NWP for close to 20 years conducting environmental analysis, supporting collections care and preservation, and finally assisting in the processing and transferring of the historic collections. Information about the transfer and collection can be found here.

The Glenmont House, Thomas Edison’s historic estate located in Llewellyn Park, is operated by the National Park Service. WJ&A worked in collaboration with an architectural firm, the National Park Service, and a structural engineering firm to complete a collections conditions assessment for the collections both in storage and on display in the House with the intent of further understanding and identifying environmental conditions affecting collections and the building.

After completing a CAP assessment for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundations Taliesin West in 2018, WJ&A was rehired to complete an NEH-SCHC funded Collections Storage Improvements Plan. The assessment addresses the Archives, Collections Building and Bunker spaces of Taliesin West.

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